Follow these 5 tips for an environmentally friendly spring celebration! 1. “Green” your basket grass. Plastic grass used to line baskets never goes away in the environment and can pose a hazard to wildlife. Paper grass is a greener choice, especially if it’s recycled. You can also try making your own from construction or other colorful paper.  2. Reuse or re-purpose your spring baskets.  Avoid buying prepared baskets wrapped in plastic. Instead, use the same… Read More

On Monday, April 22, 2019, as part of our Blue Table Restaurant Program, more than 50 restaurant partners will refrain from offering plastic straws to their patrons and/or use non-plastic alternatives. Our campaign includes restaurants adjacent to the nine miles of sea turtle nesting beach patrolled by LMC. Join Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s Earth Day celebration by skipping the plastic straw! If you are in Palm Beach County, please visit these restaurants and… Read More

This Holiday SEAson, don’t forget to give a gift to the sea! Follow one, two or all 5 of these simple ways to reduce your plastic waste during the holidays.   1. Choose recycled or reusable wrapping options for gift giving, such as reusable bags and boxes.   2. Show off your cookie decorating skills and make memories with loved ones by baking homemade treats instead of grabbing heavily packaged, pre-made sweets…. Read More

The Conservation Department here at Loggerhead has collected a record high of 11,674 pieces of foam so far during the month of November, collected during only ONE beach cleanup. Why is there so much you ask? Styrofoam easily breaks down into small pieces, however will never fully biodegrade into the environment. The figure below describes how long different items physically break down, but most plastics will never decompose to be recycled throughout the… Read More

November 14th-17th, Loggerhead Marinelife Center traveled far from Florida’s sunny shores to Las Vegas, NV, to participate in the 2018 Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association (DEMA) show. The Conservation Team attended the DEMA show to promote the upcoming Responsible Diver program, a component of Project SHIELD. This program offers suggestions to dive operators for sea turtle safe and ocean-friendly dive practices. Project SHIELD  is a multi-faceted program designed to provide conservation solutions and… Read More

With Halloween right around the corner, October is a good time to think about the scariest thing in the ocean- PLASTIC!!  Once plastic enters the marine environment, it never goes away. Instead, over time, it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, forever haunting our ocean and harming marine life. Sea turtles and other marine life often mistake this plastic trash for food. Once ingested, plastic trash can cause internal injuries and… Read More

This week, during nesting patrol on Juno Beach, our research team came across this. It is a sad reminder of how our actions impact the world around us. These hatchlings, just starting out on their journey of life are mere minutes old, but have already come in contact with one of the greatest threats posed to sea turtles on Earth- plastic. Every month, Loggerhead Marinelife Center analyzes all marine debris collected during… Read More

Since 2016, Loggerhead Marinelife Center and partner organizations have removed over 20,000 bottle caps from Florida beaches. Can you spot some of the other strange items found during our beach cleanups? – 2 toy dinosaurs – An Apple Watch – A pig – A die – A toy plane – An orange cat – A clownfish – Dory – A hammerhead shark – A road reflector – A fish trap tag

Take the following quiz to find out just how much YOU know about ocean plastics and what you can do to help! If we all work together, we will be able to reduce the flow of plastics into the ocean and help save sea turtles and other marine life for generations to come!

With graduation season in full force and Mother’s Day right around the corner, please don’t forget to hold on tight to those celebratory balloons…. or better yet, don’t buy them at all! Since 2017, Loggerhead Marinelife Center has removed over 1,700 balloons from local Florida beaches. When balloons are released into the sky, they often come down and end up in our ocean. Deflated balloons resemble jellies, a common food item for… Read More