Fishing piers are home to an elevated number of interactions between sea turtles and recreational anglers. To mitigate the effects of incidental capture and entanglements, in 2013 we implemented the Responsible Pier Initiative (RPI) on the Juno Beach Pier. The Initiative is designed to work collaboratively with anglers and provide them with the tools and training necessary to respond appropriately in the event a sea turtle becomes accidentally hooked or entangled on a… Read More

A few weeks ago, I went down the street to the Juno Beach Pier to deliver some sea turtle rescue supplies to the staff – a new rescue bin, towels, laminated instructions.  I was showing the new supplies to Meg, the Senior Pier Attendant, when I heard something hopping in the pet carrier on the floor. “Meg, who’s in there?” It was an osprey pier staff had disentangled that morning.  As soon… Read More