All at Once

In 2008, Jack Johnson, along with his team, created All At Once, a social action network that allows his fans to learn, inspire change, and connect with environmental groups in their communities.

The team works hard to use their platform for good.  While on tour, the crew installs water refill stations, sells reusable water bottles and pint glasses, works with venues to eliminate plastic straws, offers recycling and composting, fuels their tour busses with biodiesel, encourages carpooling, sources local, organic food as part of a farm-to-stage catering program, sells upcycled bags and organic cotton t-shirts, and offsets remaining carbon emissions through carbon management projects.  The Johnson Ohana Foundation also offers matching donations to All At Once partners.

They host a Village Green at each show, inviting local non-profit organizations to speak with concert-goers about the work they do and how to become involved.  We were lucky enough to be part of the West Palm Beach concert last week.

Thousands of people came through the tent, many stopping to ask us about the sea turtles we work with and how they can help protect them.  A member of the band, Zach Gill, played live music in the tent until he had to go on stage for the show and everyone was stopping to take photos of their pledges for ocean conservation.  Even in the pouring rain, everyone we spoke with was genuinely interested in conservation and excited to take part in the concert’s initiatives to reduce waste.

After the Village Green was packed up, we were given passes to stand in the pit for the show!  For us, normally miles away in the lawn seats, this was incredible – we were completely star struck.  The stage was covered in reclaimed fishing nets illuminated by lights made from plastic cleaned from beaches in Hawaii.  Jack even dedicated one of his songs, The Horizon Has Been Defeated, to all the non-profits in attendance.  He spoke about the ocean pollution he’s seen and encouraged his fans to be involved in their communities.

The following night, we held a beach cleanup and a screening of Smog of the Sea here at LMC.  The film chronicles a one-week journey to study plastics in the Sargasso Sea.  Jack Johnson, along with a crew of surfers and spearfishers, sail with marine scientist, Marcus Eriksen, to sample the waters and analyze what they find.  It’s a sobering look at the seemingly endless distribution of microplastics in the ocean and it calls everyone to action.

We were able to remove 125 lbs. of trash from the beach in one hour’s time before enjoying the film with popcorn and beer donated by SaltWater Brewery.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the event at LMC and thank you to All At Once for having us!  We are continuously inspired by what we can all accomplish together and we will never forget the night Jack Johnson sang to us.

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