Our Responsible Pier Initiative (RPI) partners in Virginia have been hard at work!  While we were installing cigarette receptacles on Florida piers, we stopped at the Post Office to ship supplies to Virginia Beach.

Our colleagues at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center monitor seven fishing piers.  Since 2014, they have been holding workshops for pier managers, surveying anglers, and responding to incidentally hooked sea turtles in the Virginia Beach area.  Their Pier Partner Program has seen incredible success.  When we offered to include them in our proposal to place cigarette receptacles on participating RPI piers through Keep America Beautiful’s Cigarette Litter Prevention Program, they quickly agreed to distribute the receptacles to their piers.

Staff recently conducted initial litter scans at three of their seven piers and have already removed nearly 1,700 cigarette butts.

Conservation is not a singular action.  It is ongoing.  It takes many projects in many, widely dispersed spaces, and requires the help of everyone.  By working with partners like ours at the Virginia Aquarium, we are much better equipped to effect change for our ocean.  We are looking forward to seeing the impact we can make together.


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