TurtleFest 2017 – Together, We Can

Each spring, LMC holds our annual TurtleFest event.  We shut down Loggerhead Park to host artists, merchants, musicians, food and drink vendors, and conservation partners for a day-long festival to promote our mission and engage the community in the work we do.

This year, we had a few changes in mind.  While all of the most-loved festival components will still be featured, we are working hard to eliminate single-use plastics, greatly reduce the amount of waste produced, and improve the overall sustainability of the event.  Staff and volunteers will be inviting guests to participate in the conservation conversation throughout the day.

You can help by:

  • bringing your own water bottle or purchasing a TurtleFest 2017 one
  • bringing your own shopping bags
  • bringing a bucket and joining a morning beach cleanup
  • bringing a mat or towel and joining a yoga class
  • carpool with friends or ride your bike – a volunteer will oversee the bike valet for the duration of the event
  • choosing a vegetarian option at the festival – veggie burgers, falafel, grilled veggie sandwiches, pizza and more will be available

We speak to more than 10,000 people at TurtleFest every year.  This year, we hope that every single guest will leave with the knowledge of at least one way to protect the environment.  Together, we can make better choices each day.  Together, we can begin to reverse the 8 million tons of plastic pollution entering the ocean every year.  Together, we can live a bit more gently and pass along a cleaner, healthier Earth to the generations that will follow.

We hope to see you at TurtleFest this year.  The event will be held on March 25 from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM at LMC and Loggerhead Park.  Please email Demi at dfox@marinelife.org with any questions.

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