Earlier this month, Tommy and I attended the 4th International Marine Conservation Congress hosted by the Society for Conservation Biology in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Scientists, conservationists, and policy makers from around the world gathered to share their research and the methods they use to protect ocean ecosystems.


Fisheries, energy, climate, international treaties, tourism, and conservation planning were just a few of the topics addressed. The conference theme was, ‘Making Marine Science Matter,’ a subject we strive to address with each of our projects. We can conduct science for hundreds of years but it cannot affect change unless we can use our findings to communicate necessary conservation measures with decision makers and people who live and work on the ocean everyday.

Both the Responsible Pier Initiative and Project SHIELD were presented at the conference.  We were happy to share the Responsible Pier Initiative’s 49 pier partners and 195 rescued turtles and how Project SHIELD has grown from the RPI and already seen success in Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

We are very grateful to have presented our projects amongst such amazing work being done around the world. We learned a lot, caught up with colleagues, and formed new relationships that may lead to new projects in the future. We are excited for so many projects in the works right now. Stay tuned for updates coming soon.

2 Comments on “IMCC

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Demi. I’m so glad you and Tommy go to these conferences and represent LMC so beautifully!

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