Responsible Boating Practices


Injuries from boat strikes are a case we see far too often at LMC.  While you’re enjoying the holiday weekend, please be mindful of the marine life we share the waterways with.  Below are some tips for responsible boating.

  • Always check the surrounding area before turning the engine on. It helps to wear polarized sun glasses so you can see animals beneath the surface.
  • Abide by posted speed limits.
  • Follow channel markers. Do not anchor or motor over sea grass beds.
  • Avoid boating through patches of floating sargassum seaweed, as this serves as valuable habitat for sea turtle hatchlings and many other species of marine life.
  • Securely stow all trash while underway.
  • If you encounter a healthy sea turtle, please observe from a safe distance. Avoid disrupting the animal’s natural behavior.
  • If you spot an injured sea turtle, please call Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) immediately at 888-404-FWCC (3922) or you may dial *FWC or #FWC on your mobile phone.  Once you have contacted FWC, you can also call LMC’s 24-hour emergency response number: 561-603-0211.

Nesting season is still active on our coast.  Many adult turtles are coming in to shore and thousands of hatchlings are making their way out to sea.  Please use caution and boat responsibly.

Have a great weekend!

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