Cleanup with the Campers

With the Fourth of July’s recent passing, we often see an increase in the amount of debris left on the beach. Fireworks are beautiful, but after the show is over, the remaining packaging can harm nesting sea turtles and hatchlings on our busy beaches.

So, yesterday, I enlisted LMC’s Jr. Marine Biologist campers to help solve the problem. In teams of five, I challenged them to collect 25 pieces of trash on the beach. The first team accomplished that task in under three minutes. So, we set the stakes a bit higher and teams collected 100 pieces of garbage.

We walked along the wrack line and across the beach up to the dunes. The campers and their counselors combed the sand, checking the wooden stakes on each sea turtle nest along the way for the species that had laid there.

“We are the beach police,” one boy told me. “We’ll protect the turtles.”
This kind of ownership, the need to be responsible for the sometimes negative consequences of human actions, is so important. Yesterday, 40 campers showed me that responsibility with great energy and enthusiasm and our beach will be a little safer tonight because of their efforts.

One Comment on “Cleanup with the Campers

  1. Love this post! So important to get our children involved in helping to keep our beaches beautiful!

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