Responsible Boater Initiative in Place at Loggerhead Marinas

Loggerhead Marinas

Loggerhead Marinas

Loggerhead Marinas have joined us in implementing the Responsible Boater Initiative (RBI)! Last year, we received funding from a BoatU.S. Foundation grant to create an initiative designed to work collaboratively with boaters and marinas in order to better protect marine life and the ocean ecosystem. The 12 Loggerhead Marina locations are the first in the state to participate in the initiative.

The Responsible Boater Initiative consists of three core components:

  • Workshops for the boating community
  • Responsible boating signage provided to participating marinas
  • Regularly scheduled waterway cleanups

Signs are being distributed to participating marinas this week and we are looking forward to scheduling workshops in the near future. In addition to tips for responsible boating, fishing, and diving, participants will receive a guide to Florida’s marine life species, personal monofilament recycling containers, RBI key chains and stickers for their boats and tackle boxes, and access to the LMC Responsible Boater Initiative Facebook group.

Monofilament Recycling Container

Monofilament Recycling Container

The RBI will place the necessary knowledge and tools directly into the hands of people that are out on the water every day. We are very excited about the opportunity to work with a community that plays such a large role in ocean conservation.

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