Road Trip!

One of the most important components of our Responsible Pier Initiative is the educational workshops that we provide first-responders at participating piers. Over the next few days LMC team members, Kerri and Demi, will be on the road conducting regional workshops across the state of Florida and blogging about their adventures.

Kerri is the center’s education manager and has been part of the LMC family since October 2013. She joined our team with extensive experience in curriculum development, grant writing and teaching. Since coming on board, Kerri’s been able to make a noticeable impact in the education department and continues to work to expand the center’s reach.

Demi just recently joined our team as outreach coordinator, a new position in the education department. Prior to her employment at LMC, she held positions in both the education and research fields. Demi’s primary responsibilities in this new role include the growth and facilitation of LMC school, community and campus outreach events.


While on the road, Kerri and Demi will be taking over the conservation blog. Follow along the next few days to track their journey across the state and learn more about the Responsible Pier Initiative.

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